Corrector de postura inteligente para hombres y mujeres, soporte superior ajustable con USB recargable, recordatorio de vibración inteligente para mejorar hombros encorvados y hombros inclinados

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New technology to help your life

High quality back posture corrector and intelligent vibration reminder, comfortable and secure wearing seamless shoulder strap easy to operate with one hand. 150mAh capacity lithium battery with long-lasting charge storage reducing charging times. Mechanical design allows for comfortable wear, long-strength stretch fit made of lightweight fabric


  • with four springs
  • Electronic Adjustable Posture Corrector provides support to your patella
  • Helps relieve pain and swelling from patella symptoms
  • Reduces back injuries caused by friction and shock
  • Opening design will not affect your movement
  • Good compression can make your back fully covered
  • Provides warmth, comfort, superior flexibility and durability for everyday use
  • User Manual

4 simple steps to use adults and children

  • Step 1 : Adjust the strap to the right length first
  • Step 2: After using, please straighten your back and turn on the switch
  • Step 3: When the curvature of the hunchback exceeds 25 degrees, the device will vibrate automatically
  • Step 4: The posture corrector vibrates to remind you to lift your chest and lift your head
  • shoulder strain
  • Incorrect sitting posture
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$13.500 CLP $15.000 CLP

Save 10% on this product!