Wheel Elastic Band Abdominal Exercises Fitness

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Xtreme Roller wheels for abdominal muscle trainer, fitness trainer high quality

  • They effectively build up the abdominal muscles, arm, shoulder and back muscles.
  • Wheel training helps improve upper body firmness and strength
  • Workout helps improve upper body firmness and strength, includes workout for chest, abs, waist, back, lats, shoulder, biceps, wrists, arms and hand grips
  • The exercise wheel with brake is designed with double wheels, which allows the user to maintain better balance

Material: PP+TPR+CVA+PVC
Cushion size: 42x15x5cm
Wheel size: 12x2cm
Tube size: 8x12x800mm
Colour: green/orange

It includes:

  • Revoflex Xtreme
  • Travel bag
  • Diet
  • Exercise guide

  1. intense abdominal training
  2. Defines upper, middle, lower abs, and obliques.
  3. Get an attractive waist and defined abs
  4. With only 5 minutes a day!
  5. 6 training levels
  6. Develop chest, back, arms, shoulders and abs in one movement
  7. Shape your body fast, easy and effort
  8. Bi-directional force assist technology
  9. So compact that you can take it wherever you want

There are no excuses to stop maintaining your figure, you don't need large spaces to exercise, you can do an infinite number of exercises with the new Revoflex Xtreme

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$14.310 CLP $15.900 CLP

Salvar 10% sobre este produto!